Privacy Policy
Processing of personal data (information to be provided where personal data are collected from the data subject)
Information provided in accordance with art. 13 of the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)

1. Commitment
Grotta Palazzese Hotel S.r.l., actively committed in protecting personal data, recommends to read this statement, where we clearly indicate our privacy policy and how we store your data safely.

2. Data Processing Manager
Grotta Palazzese Hotel S.r.l.., via Narciso, 59 – Polignano a Mare (BA) in the person of its CEO.
To exercise your rights, listed below, you must send a written request by mail or e-mail to Hotel Grotta Palazzese S.R.L., to the address written above, e-mail:, to the attention of the Privacy Office.

3. Type of processed data
The processed data will be of two types:
a) mandatory data (fiscal data, useful for the administrative purposes provided for by the law)
b) optional data (phone numbers, alternative contact data, e-mails…)

4. Legal basis and processing purposes
The legal basis of the processing consists of your consent, freely expressed. The personal data processing will take place to fulfill the obligations provided for by the laws and regulations ( mandatory data) and for commercial purposes (optional data).

5. Processing Method
The data will be processed mainly with electronic and IT tools and stored both on computer media and on any other type of suitable support, in accordance with the security measures provided for by our internal regulations.

6. Subjects to whom personal data may be disclosed.
Personal data may be disclosed to a third party for administrative and accounting processing and to marketing companies for promotional campaigns, satisfaction surveys, new product advertisement.

7. Storage
Mandatory personal data, that is to say those exclusively processed for administrative/accounting purposes are stored for a minimum period of 10 years in accordance with the present legislation, and any request to cancel within this period cannot be taken into consideration. As regards the optional data they could be erased on request.

8. Profiling
In accordance with the GDPR guidelines and with your freedom of choice, your data will not be subjected to an exclusively automated decision-making process, including profiling, which produces effects that affect you or that can significantly affect your person.

9. Rights of the data subject
In relation to your personal data processing in accordance with art. 13 paragraph b and c of the GDPR (EU) 2016/679, you can protect your rights against Grotta Palazzese S.r.l.; in particular, you have the right to know, at any time, which data are in our storage, and how they are used; you also have the right to have them updated, implemented, corrected or erased, to request their block and to object their processing, as well as the right to be forgotten. For the exercise of your rights, you can contact the Data Controller or one of his Person in charge, quoted at the beginning of this information statement.
However, it should be noted that the objection to the data processing can only take place for optional data. For mandatory data the conditions of the law related to tax document storage will be observed.

10. Personal data typology and consequences of the denied consent
Tax data are mandatory in accordance with the law for the completion of contracts. Its denied consent will not allow us to accomplish our service.
As regards the optional personal data (phone numbers and emails, or other contact information), the denied consent would involve the impossibility to contact you by email or phone, to offer our special offers and discounts, promotions, fidelity card and so on.

11. Complaints
To submit a complaint about the personal data processing, the customer can contact the Italian Data Protection Authority and for any information or clarification regarding the policy, write to


The underwritten __________________________________________________________________
having being completely informed, and having read the Privacy Policy art.13 of European Regulation 679/16 or GDPR,
For the mandatory data, as mentioned in 3.a  gives consent  denies consent
For the optional data, as mentioned in 3.b  gives consent  denies consent

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